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Birthday Message: Freedom!

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Every being contains two parts: a divine side and a human one. The divine part is an eternal source of freedom and propelling force towards infinite, while the human one is related to matter. For this reason is limited, full of traps and prisons.

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God, who is eternal freedom, manifests Himself in this world by means of His creatures. We can imagine Him as a giant sun, which rays permeate everything, although keeping Himself out of it. Each soul or divine part is a ray of this sun that is intelligence, which is creative and has an evolutionary proposal, which is resurrection and life. It is the middle way, the light that illuminates all beings that come to the world, it is truth, it is Christ, it is God within us.


We are always longing for financial, collective and individual expression freedoms. This is a stressful battle, in which the conquered freedom is an illusion,birthday message 3 because we continue under the tyranny of fears such as: unemployment, robbers, misery, disease, jealousy, betrayal, death ...

On all occasions that we observe everyday life, we feel there is injustice happening. We find so much injustice that we feel powerless about life. And this feeling of impotence is, for sure, the most cruel of all prisons.

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For you to conquer true freedom, you need to get rid of all fears that imprison you. The most cruel of all jailers is the fear of death. Victory upon it results from dissociation of  Self and mine,  in other words,  to be conscious that you are inhabiting your body and that you are not it.

When one says my body, it refers to the provisory flesh clothing, the instrument that enables each divine being, soul or divine ray to express itself in this physical world. While the self is immortal, eternal and perfect, what is "mine" is finite, transitory and ephemeral. When we live consciously this truth, death makes no more sense and thus we get rid of this jail.

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Everyone who works consciously in order to live according to his or her divine nature – Christ within one’s self  – governs the human side, postulates his or her true identity – God’s sun or daughter – and thus accesses the source of eternal freedom.

The consciousness of being light and the exercise of making it grow put our personality and our existence under the protection of this light, bringing us gradually towards infinite freedom.

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To those who believe in this practice and live in it, Jesus, the Christ, says, according to Marcus:
"In my name man will expel demons, speak new languages, hold snakes in hands. If one drink any killing poison, nothing bad will occur and people will cure sick people by means of imposing hands upon them". These promises of the sweet Rabbi already foresaw a new era of freedom, in which man has no port and time has no margin.

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Liberty is a state of consciousness. Some people experience it since a long time ago, while others perhaps will never reach it.


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May the radiation of your internal light expand it more and more, in this millennium that is beginning, so that the earthly darkness may disappear, due to the powerful radiation of God’s Presence that you are, providing the emergence of a state of consciousness of full and total freedom that we all so much long for!


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